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12 Strategies to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

July 25, 2022

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Chaz Gonzales

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Marketing your eCommerce brand can be difficult, especially with changing digital marketing channels. One of the most complicated channels is social media. 54% of consumers learn about your products on social media before they are ready to buy. It can often feel overwhelming to use social media to market your products. We compiled 12 social media strategies so you can feel more confident. To simplify your social media marketing:

  1. Tell stories > promotions
  2. Educate your audience
  3. Be yourself
  4. Create a community for your customers
  5. Capitalize on Customer Loyalty
  6. Use Images & Video
  7. Micro-Influencing
  8. Use Instagram Shops
  9. Use a Social Calendar
  10. Influencer Marketing 
  11. Leverage Privacy & Exclusivity
  12. Don’t be afraid. Don’t think. Post.

#1 Tell Stories > Promotion

Posting promos every week can start to feel like hitting your head against a wall. Rather than boring your audience with obvious product posts, relate to them with stories. Your audience has emotions, and they want to feel understood, entertained, and comforted. 

Some ideas to help tell stories are:

  • Share relatable/humorous memes
  • Share funny videos about problems your customers face without your product
  • Share your “why” behind your product
  • Share questions you currently have and invite your audience to answer them. Get vulnerable. 
  • Tease creative experiments you are trying and ask for feedback
  • Inspiring quotes that bring hope to your audience

As a rule of thumb, use the 80/20 rule for posting promotional content. For every 2 promotional posts, publish 8 story-driven content pieces.


DIME shares a relatable meme every Monday and invites their audience to react.

#2 - Educate your audience 

Become an authority on your solutions for free. Your audience will more likely follow your account if your content contains useful information. You don’t have to be perfect, just share what you are learning every day, and your audience will follow along.

Think of what your product solves, and brainstorm education around that subject. Sammy from Banks Jewelry shares free tips on hair tutorials to go along with her products.

Banks Jewelry educates the audience on tips and tricks for hair and jewelry

#3 - Be Your Authentic Self

Authenticity and transparency are effective ways to market your business. Consider using live streams to let people know what’s going on with your company in real-time. Ask questions and engage with people. 

Beyond Active Grand Opening Live Stream

Ideas for increasing your authenticity on your social channel:

  • Live stream product reveals
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Employee Highlight videos
  • Spontaneous BTS stories (picking up the coffee or forgetting your keycard in your house)
  • Polls & Questions for your audience

#4 - Create a Community for your customers

Customers are more likely to follow you if they have an opportunity to engage with you. Prove to your customers that you are not a robot. Have a sense of humor and be social on social media. Ideas on how to engage with your social media followers:

  • Ask your audience questions with Stories
  • Ask for honest opinions on relatable topics
  • Share noteworthy news they might care about
  • Like and share their posts for a change
  • Ask them your followers to share your content on their stories

DIME interactive story with a question.

#5 - Capitalize on Customer Loyalty

Invite your most satisfied customers to share their thoughts about your products. Positive reviews earn the trust of potential customers faster. Share the stories of followers who mention your brand. These free social mentions are User Generated Content. To learn how to use UGC, check out our free guide with Insense.

Egg weights User Generated Content

To get your customers to share reviews on social media:

  • Invite followers to comment on their favorite product or story about a product.
  • Interview satisfied customers and share their videos on your feed
  • Hold a contest or giveaway to motivate followers to leave reviews

#6 - Use Images & Video

Customers recall your brand by the words they understand and the images they see. Customers will remember your brand 65% better when associating an idea with an image. Don't make your customers think about your product, make them feel something.  80% of marketers use visuals for their marketing to evoke emotion, and so should you. 114% of website visitors are even more likely to buy after viewing a product video. 

Tips for posting images and video:

  • Use pictures of people’s faces. People tend to remember human faces and indoor scenes more than they remember images of outdoor landscapes.
  • Highlight your product in action.
  • Post videos of your product in use, especially with user generated content.

#7 - Micro-Influencing

Invite 10 of your closest friends and family to share your content. People are more likely to read information shared by friends or connections they trust. On a good day, only 10% of your own followers will see your story. But if you have 10 ‘micro-influencers’ with 200 of their own friends, you are now publishing to 2,000 new potential customers.

To get your tribe of micro-influencers to share:

  • Give shoutout thanks on your story to followers who share your content.
  • Offer discount codes to the most loyal customers who share your post and DM you.
  • Teach them how to post your content on their own stories. Some followers don’t know how.

#8 - Instagram Shops

If you haven’t already, integrate your Shopify store into your Instagram account so consumers can purchase directly from the app. Tag your products on your photos for a much higher conversion rate. To set up your Instagram Shop, follow these 7 steps to open your shop on Instagram. eCommerce stores who convert their instagram account into their shop see amazing results. Keep in mind that Instagram charges a selling fee of 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less.

GIF of Instagram Shops

#9 - Use a Social Calendar

Nothing is more frustrating than figuring out what to post today. Keep a social media calendar and schedule your posts ahead of time. To grow your social channel accounts, you need to be posting 2-3 times a week. Here are a list of social media schedulers you can use to help you stay organized:

#10 - Influencer Marketing

If your brand is ready for more advanced marketing, consider reaching out to industry-specific influencers. Influencers hold the trust of hundreds of thousands of followers, and can greatly increase your sales if an influencer likes your product. To start your own influencer marketing:

  1. Search for influencers within your industry. You can find them by searching with hashtags. 
  2. Outline specific deliverables you would like the influencer to highlight
  3. Connect and negotiate with them. Some influencers may not accept products, and some don’t know what kind of payment to accept. Negotiate a fair price for the amount of marketing they are willing to give you. Send them free products for them to try out.
  4. Consider collaborative campaigns. Hold contests or giveaways with the influencer’s audience, and make it fun and valuable for their audience.

#11 - Leverage Privacy & Exclusivity

Convert your social followers into SMS Marketing subscribers. Texts see higher conversion rates from your most loyal customers. Because of new data privacy restrictions on social media, eCommerce brands are seeing lackluster results from their ads. Many are switching their direct marketing over to data-owned channels. SMS Marketing is like email marketing, but more effective. People open 90% of texts within 3 minutes. To invite your followers to join your SMS list:

  • Invite your followers to join your exclusive SMS list for 20% off
  • Gather customer phone numbers under TCPA compliance
  • Create automated text campaigns like Abandoned Cart and Out of Stock notifications
  • Send texts about new product drops or seasonal discounts

eCommerce brands who use Via get 36% conversion rates, and between 5x to 10x+ ROI. We are here to help guide you through the success of SMS marketing. To try our software for free, schedule a free consultation with one of our product specialists.

#12 - Don’t Think. Post.

Too many brands think they have to have the perfect account to post anything. Don’t fall into this trap. You know your business better than anyone, and you have excellent ideas. Share what is in your heart, and what you believe provides the best value to your customers. And then do it.


Social media marketing can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. Try out one or two of these strategies this week, and see how you’re feeling. Remember why you started your business in the first place. Follow your instincts to be yourself and tell your story. People follow stories and especially emotional and heartfelt ones. 

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