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Anna Gregory - Product Designer

July 25, 2022

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Haley Jones

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"Via is incredible. You get to design things and work on things that are going into practice immediately here."

Hear from Anna

We interviewed Anna Gregory, one of our Product Designers about what it's like working at Via. Anna shares what it's like working at Via and her experience working here.

How long have you been at Via? 

So, I am Anna Gregory, I am a Product Designer and I have been at Via for 7 months.

What do you love about working here? 

Just the opportunity to grow here, I have been able to grow so much since I’ve been at Via and had so much good mentorship. Working around the most amazing people and seeing how they do it has been completely awesome. And how open and helpful everybody is with my job, when I need to go talk to users, everyone is open to it. It’s amazing.

What drew you into Product Design as a Career? 

I used to be an interior designer and I loved a lot about interior design, but I realized the things I loved the most, actually carried over into the tech space even more so. And I could focus on what I loved the most, which is talking to the users, finding problems, designing solutions and enjoying that process. 

What are your “superpowers” that make you successful at Via?

My professional superpowers are curiosity. I was 100% that kid that asked “why” every two seconds and that has become my superpower because that’s literally my job now.

Why should other women consider a career in Product Design or other technical fields? 

I think women should be in tech because it is the best job, especially for a mom. So, for me, the reason I chose to go into tech was because I needed flexibility and I didn’t have that at my last job. I missed seeing my kids and being able to have that flexibility to be there when they have school things or working my schedule around that is huge. Frankly it’s also just a really fun job and there’s so much in tech, no one should be afraid to go into it.

Why should people choose Via as their next career step?

Via is incredible. The people who work here are among some of the best I’ve ever worked with in my life. The opportunities for growth are just endless. You get to design things and work on things that are going into practice immediately here. It’s fast and fun and everyone is just incredible here. It would be great.

Meet Anna

I was raised in Texas, but I’ve lived in Utah for over a decade now. When I’m tired you’ll hear my southern drawl come back. I have 2 kids, William who’s 7, and Shallan (like from Stormlight Archive series if you are a fantasy nerd like me) age 4. They are my everything. I’ve been married for almost 10 years to Bradley, who is a combination of hipster and viking. I love rock climbing, cooking (homemade pasta is my favorite to make), sewing, reading, playing in the snow, and volunteering in my community. I have traveled a fair amount, and once backpacked Peru and Ecuador for a couple months with my then 4 month old son, on a research trip. That is one of the craziest things I’ve done, but it was a great experience!

I love design and have been some sort of designer since I was 17 years old. I started out in fashion and got a related degree. I can sew and make patterns for just about anything, my specialty was custom bridal gowns, using the mothers dress to create something new. Eventually, I realized I preferred it as more of a hobby because we moved around a lot during that time. I decided to go back for a second degree, this time in interior design. I worked in interior design for a little while, but I quickly realized I hated all the commercial furniture ordering sites and I wanted to fix them. So I started to learn the basics of coding late at night after my kids were asleep. I’d stay up till midnight learning just about every night. I loved it! The pandemic made me decide to shift into tech faster, and after losing my job (along with basically every other person I knew who was working in the retail side of interior design) I spent every day trying to learn as much about UX as I could! I worked hard, got mentors, and found all the free resources I could. I built out my portfolio doing volunteer work, and pretty soon it paid off! I got contracted by a little dental software company in Provo. They were great to work with, but after a while I realized I wanted a change, to work at a bigger company and started to talk with Via! After my first conversation with Haley, I knew I wanted to work here. I love how fast paced we are, and how I get to see my designs realized! We have an amazing team here, and I can’t wait to build out all our ideas to help make our user experience better. Finding a job that gives me the flexibility to take care of my family, while growing as a designer and working on such a great product is so rewarding! This year we are going to design and build some incredible things, and I can’t wait to show everyone!

Anna with her family

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