April Showers bring 10 Awesome Campaign Ideas

July 25, 2022

Written By

Tamra Halverson

How to Find the Right Campaign Ideas

Spring! With warmer weather heading to the Northern hemisphere, humans decided to leave their dwellings and venture into the great big world.  Talks about travel, festivals, weddings, and being outside filling the air.  

Hop🐇 into action with 10 campaign ideas for April. There's even a "Getting to know your customers day!"  Individualization, mischievousness, and telling your story go a long way with your customers.

April Fools’ Day, April 1

Target audience: people in the West

Most people are used to being on their toes on April 1—the day of pranks and hoaxes.

As a store owner, you can use this day to show your sense of humor. A joke on social media, a GIF, or a short video can be an effective way to build brand awareness and drive engagement.

Easter (Holy Week), April 3-4

Target audience: countries where Easter is observed

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday commemorate the events leading up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is often considered a more important Christian holiday than Christmas and it’s not as commercial.

However, with every passing year, business owners invest more time in preparing spring sales around Easter, offering special deals on clothing, seasonal decor, and home goods.

Coachella Festival, April 9–18

Target audience: Music and arts lovers, people in the US

The Coachella Festival is one of the biggest, most famous, and profitable music festivals in the world. Held annually in California, it gathers many great artists.  If you sell festive items, make sure to prepare your store with cool new festival wear and some hot discounts!

National Sibling Day, April 10

Target audience: siblings

Celebrated around the world, Sibling Day honors the unique relationship among siblings. Like Mother’s and Father’s Day, Sibling Day is perfect for spoiling your brother or sister with gifts or an invitation to spend some quality time together.

It’s all about tailoring your offer for the occasion.  Personalized or matching items like “best brother/sister ever” or “brother/sister of the year” are perfect products to promote on this day.

National Pet Day, April 11

Target audience: animal lovers in the US

Even though similar to the Love Your Pet Day, the National Pet Day emphasizes supporting organizations that help animals in need.

You can use National Pet Day as an opportunity to connect with your customers. Show the pets behind the brand or share your thoughts on why this day matters to you. Like on Love Your Pet Day, you can also market pet-themed product designs for your animal-loving customers. Or, highlight organizations you wish to support.

Get to Know Your Customers Day, April 15

Target audience: you

No better day for polls and Q&A’s like the Get to Know Your Customers Day! This holiday is held every three months, and each date marks a time in the quarter to stay up to date with what your customers are into.

Earth Day, April 22

Target audience: people who support environmental protection

April 22 marks the anniversary of the environmental movement founded in 1970. On this day, countries around the world hold events in support of environmental protection.

If this cause is important to you and your business, let your customers know about it. Share your thoughts, a personal story, introduce a product that supports the movement, or create a charity campaign.

Oscar Night, April 25

Target audience: film lovers

The Academy Awards ceremony is one of the biggest events in the film industry. Use #Oscars2021 to talk movies with your followers on social media, or share comments about the show to help you grow brand awareness.

International Dance Day, April 29

Target audience: dance lovers

This day is created by the International Theatre Institute, a partner of UNESCO. If you and your audience appreciate a good dance, April 29 is the perfect day for launching new products, or celebratory discounts.

Honesty Day, April 30

Target audience: people in the US

Honesty Day is celebrated in the US by cherishing honesty in all relationships, personal or business. On this day, encourage your customers to share what honesty means for them, and perhaps challenge yourself to share a story of your own.

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