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Herb'n Eden Sees List Growth and Revenue with Mexico Giveaway

July 25, 2022

Written By

Chaz Gonzales

Mexico Giveaway on Desktop and Mobile

Soap Product Company Makes $300k Using Giveaway with SMS in 3 Months


Herb’n Eden is a soap and body wash company that uses herbs and essential oils in their soap as an organic way to care for your skin. 

The Problem

Herb’n Eden was seeking a more direct way to connect with their customers. They had seen a plateau in their previous marketing stack, and were looking for ways to retain their customers in addition to email and social media.

The Solution

Herb’n Eden partnered with Via to send personalized text messages directly to their customers. They were able to get their new product lines and promotions in front of thousands of their customers at a much higher engagement rate. With the help of Via, they focused their targets on list growth and monthly revenue.

How They Did It

Herb’n Eden collected customer phone numbers via their website pop-ups. They incentivized their customers to opt in by offering 3 day & 2 night Mexico Self Care Giveaway. 

Herb’n Eden offered to pay for the flights and hotel of one lucky winner to go to Mexico in a Self care inspired getaway, inspired by the same skin care spirit of their products.

Text message subscribers then received discounts on new products, and reminders about recently abandoned carts. Customers began purchasing more products and their list growth and revenue both began to rise.


Over the course of 90 days, Herb’n Eden grew their text message subscriber list by 120%, and made over $300,000 just from text subscribers. 

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