How to Set and Forget with Text Automations

July 25, 2022

Written By

Chaz Gonzales

How to Set and Forget with Text Automations

Once you started your SMS marketing campaigns, you may have realized that it takes a lot of work to regularly create new campaigns after each flash sale or discount campaign has ended. The next step to harness the full capabilities of SMS Marketing is to then create automations. You can easily create shipping notifications, welcome messages, thank you messages, low spender incentive triggers, and watch as they literally run themselves.

Setting up automations for SMS Marketing enhances customer experience, and increases your monthly revenue. Here are a few automation ideas to help you stay engaged with your customers on multiple touch points.

Ideas for Setting Up SMS Automations

Tracking Number / Order in Transit

Automate shipping notifications when a customer’s order starts to move. You can set up an automation to trigger a message when they place an order, when their order is in transit, or when an order arrives. These automated notifications are great for increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Welcome Series

Make the customer feel welcome when they opt-in to receive notifications from your business. Sometimes just letting a customer know they are welcomed can create a sense of community for your audience base. This automation can be set up to trigger every time a new customer is created in your subscriber list.

High Spenders / Frequent Buyers

Create an automation that sends a message to the high spenders in your customer base. If a customer has reached a threshold of purchases you can automatically send them a special thank you message for being such a valued customer. 

Loyal Customer Triggers

Customers who have been with you for a long time should be rewarded. You can set up an automation to trigger after a customer has reached a threshold number of orders. Send them a thank you message or a discount code. These automations are great for purchase opportunities and customer loyalty.

Low Spenders / Incentive Campaigns

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may have customers who have purchased from you a while ago, and who have gone quiet. Wake them up with a specialized discount code or inform them of a new product once a customer has gone over a certain amount of time without purchasing.

Review Invitations

Use SMS Campaign automations to get customer reviews in simple ways. Make this automation trigger after a set period of time that your customer has been with you. The automation sends them a link to a survey and the customer can submit it without you even having to think about it. 

Up-sell Opportunities

A powerful revenue generator is automating up-sell opportunities based on previously purchased items. You can select one of your eCommerce products as a qualifier and whenever a customer has purchased that product, you can set up an automation to message them a related product that they might be interested in.

Product Tips & Tricks

Many products have use instructions, product care or maintenance steps. What better way to provide better service than offering helpful tips with a text? You can create an automation to trigger the day they receive their new product with helpful instructions on how to best care for it, or answer any questions. With Via, they can respond right on their phone and you can begin a two way conversation with the customer right there. This is a very powerful automation tool for customer satisfaction.

Ready to try it out?

Setting up automations is incredibly easy, and a good way to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue with minimal effort. If you would like to try out your own automation, feel free to request your own free trial of Via today and one of our product specialists can help you build the perfect automation for your business.

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