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Siomara Castaneda - Implementation Consultant

July 25, 2022

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Haley Jones

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"you should be excited to work at Via if you’re interested in connecting with people who are not only empowered but also passionate about what they do."

Hear from Siomara

We interviewed Siomara Castaneda, our Implementation Consultant about what it's like working at Via. Siomara shares what its like working at Via and her experience as an implementation consultant here.

How long have you been at Via? 

I’ve been at Via since October 2021.

What do you love about working here? 

I love everything about my role but if I had to pick between top three, I would say, I love interacting with customers, just feeding off of the energy and excitement that each customer brings. Second, it’s being able to collaborate with AE’s or really any other internal partners. That’s really nice, I really learn a lot that way. And three, really it’s really just my team. I love my team. Each one is so awesome and I wouldn’t have been able to learn as much as I did without my team members, so without giving each one a shout out, I’d just say as a whole, my team. 

What drew you into Customer Success as a Career? 

Yeah, I think it kind of happened as an accident actually, I’m glad it did! It was a happy accident. But uh, initially after college I got a job as an Account Manager at Yelp and I didn’t really know what that meant but I went for it and um, moved to Arizona within a couple days of the job and kind of fell in love. Again, connecting with clients and customers that are trying to grow their business and I’ve continued to do that and I’ve kept on that path. With a call or suggestion, recommendation, you are helping these business owners to follow their passion or dream so they can continue to support, really their family or anyone that works for them as well. 

What are your “superpowers” that make you successful at Via?

So I don’t want to say I pull energy from people, but I do kind of feel energized by connecting with people, whether I turn on the camera and seeing them or it could be in the office and connecting with my teammates. So I’d say my superpower is being able to connect with someone and you know, draw energy from them and also give them energy! You know some people might need that 2 o’clock coffee but maybe if you chat with me you won’t need that coffee anymore.

Why should people come work at Via? 

Via is probably my favorite place that I’ve worked at so far, and you know, I’ve had a few jobs after college and um, it’s not only the actual product that’s super exciting, it’s the people too. So you should be excited to work at Via if you’re interested in connecting with people who are not only empowered but also passionate about what they do. You should definitely consider coming to Via because you will not meet one person who doesn’t fall in line with all of our core values that really every single day, upholds that and lives that.

Meet Siomara

Siomara joined VIA in October 2021 as an Implementation Consultant. Prior to VIA, she was an Implementation Consultant at ADP and an Account Manager at Yelp. Siomara enjoys connecting with her colleagues and customers. She is energized by building strong relationships and providing an excellent customer experience. During her tenure at ADP she consistently ranked top of her business unit and enjoyed training and mentoring new Implementation Consultants.  Siomara is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach where she majored in Psychology. In her free time she enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, and hiking with her pup, Bacon.

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