Accessory brand grows their Subscribers 73% with Via during Trial

July 25, 2022

Start Right with Via

You're open to the idea of trying SMS Marketing, but you are unsure if the investment is worth it. If you are anything like this accessory shop, you may be wondering if this is a right fit for you. They decided to partner with Via to grow their SMS Subscriber list with amazing results.

Over the course of their trial period, they grew their subscribers by 73% and ran 2 SMS campaigns that earned them 20x ROAS. Since their trial in early 2021, they have since passed $1M in revenue with the help of Via's mobile commerce tools. One of the time tested methods for list growth was with their popups. Working with their Via expert partner, they determined the best offer to incentivize customers to join their exclusive VIP club and receive texts.

Pop Ups

How many website visitors do you receive every month? How many of them do you know? If you could speak to them as they come to peruse your wares, what would you say to them? What if you could text them personally? If you don't give them the option to join the conversation, they never will. Having a popup on your screen invites the opportunity for higher loyalty and higher conversion rates.

Social Media Promos

They shared their new VIP club program via their already loyal fan base on Instagram.

Personalized. Segmented.

This accessory brand understood how to communicate to their customers. They grew their audience on their website and on their social media, and associated keywords to each group to speak to them differently. When you can segment your audience into what they are looking for, your offers become more specific, and CTR and conversions start to go up.

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