A Small apparel brand saw 42x ROAS on Black Friday with 200 subs

July 25, 2022

Works for small brands too

If you're a smaller apparel brand, you may be wondering if you can see success with SMS with a small list size. This small apparel brand ran their first campaign after growing their list to only 205 subscribers and saw almost $12 EPM.

They wanted to take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday event, so they quickly collected the first 200 subscribers and launched a single campaign during trial with Via. They ended up making over $2,400, and that was before they had done the majority of their list growth with their 12k social followers and 180k email subscribers. It is possible to see great success with Via, and our experts can you help you do that.

Since they had such a small list to work with, they were very specific in their SMS Marketing messaging. Such a small segment was an opportunity for exclusivity. They offered a 20% discount for an early Black Friday deal to those who had signed up for text messages. This is how they created a text that saw 79% conversions.


As opposed to email marketing, texts get straight to the point. Summing it up with an image get's the incentive across very quickly. They had bolded their offer for "20% OFF EVERYTHING", making it obvious what the value proposition was for their customer.

Personalized and Specific

They included the specific occasion in the first line of their text. This is important because the customer will want to understand what the text is about from the first 25 characters on their notification banner.


They used urgent language like "...snag right now!" to inspire action.


They included a clear call to action with a clickable link to their website.

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