Traditional Candles

eCommerce candle brand earns breaks competitor's contract for Via's List Growth & Analytics.

July 25, 2022

Candle brand leaves a Via competitor for better List Growth

Why the rush?

A traditional candle brand based on the east coast had been using SMS Marketing with a Via competitor when they had heard about the success other brands were having on growing their subscriber list with Via's List Growth tools. After doing a free trial with Via, they terminated their contract early to use Via.

Results of 3 months using Via Popups

What decided it for them was the value they saw in Via’s list growth tools, segmentation, and analytics. Ultimately they loved Via’s functionality and segmentation. Via is continually optimizing the front-end software for a more functional finish, and it’s only getting better with each update. Via offers specialized consultants to help segment audiences for more effective SMS Marketing.

List Growth Tools

During trial, they didn't just use a website popup and hope for the best. This brand met regularly with their personal expert to strategize how to grow their list as fast as possible. They utilized tools such as Via's proprietary List Growth Tool, social campaigns, email campaigns to invite their customers to opt in to receive texts from them, with amazing results.


This candle brand used segments to divide their audience into personalized groups. With the help of their Via expert, they were able to send various campaigns that tailored to each group's interests. They saw higher conversion rates and return on investment from their segmentation.


Via is continually creating better ways of understanding growth and revenue. The candle company liked working in our new dashboards and how functional the data was.

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