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eCommerce supplement brand sends out a campaign to “early access” subscribers and earns $27k in the first 30 mins

July 25, 2022

“Early Access” campaign earns $27k in the first 30 mins

Powerful Revenue Channel

This energy formula store sent out a campaign to their “early access” subscribers on a Thursday morning. The campaign was focused around their new flavor launch. Within 30 minutes, they earned nearly $27,000. With Via’s dedication to segmentation and list growth, this brand saw explosive SMS attributed revenue.


They included an image of their product for increased conversion rates. SMS campaigns with images or GIFS perform better than simple texts almost every time.


Creating an exclusive club of loyal customers ensures you sell more to your most loyal customers. You can do this by segmenting your audience like this brand did to the customers who love their product enough to join their VIP "early access" texts.


They used verbage like "...these are going to go fast.." and " NOW before it sells out."


They have a clear call-to-action with a clickable url to their new product. Via has the ability to track how many people open the text, and how many people click on the link.

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