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eCommerce hair and beauty brand earned over $300k from a single text

July 25, 2022

Results Speak For Themselves

This company had previous experience with SMS Marketing with a Via competitor. They had brought their list of SMS Subscribers to Via and asked for better results. They worked closely with their Via expert to utilize their back-in-stock strategy. When a popular product came back in stock, they delivered the good news to their list of 26k SMS subscribers and saw incredible results.

Results of a single back-in-stock text campaign

Effective SMS campaigns include several factors. You can't simply just send a text and hope to see high CTR and CVR. Here you can see what this brand did to increase their effectiveness with personalized, urgent, and actionable strategies.


They included an image of the product that came back in stock. This was to include the loyalist fan and the customer who forgot they had been waiting for it to come back in stock. Having an image helps increase desirability and the likely chance of them completing purchase increases.


Via enables you to segment your audience into groups who are specifically interested in particular items. You know the customer will be highly interested because they specifically requested to know when the item comes back in stock.


You want your product off your shelves as much as your customers want to be first to get the product. Communicating limited supply helps increase urgency and higher sales.


Always include a link for the customer to act on. It's effectively the purchase button for SMS Marketing.

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