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Supplement brand earns $14 EPM with Via's Experts

July 25, 2022

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One major difference between using Via and other platforms is getting 1:1 coaching on how to take advantage of the platform. This supplement brand had been using a competitor's platform to run their SMS Marketing campaigns, but decided to trial Via with the help of a designated Customer Success Rep. Instead of being handed the keys and left on their own, they were guided in setting up their own SMS automations. After 3 months of using Via, they were earning nearly $14 per automated message sent.

Their Abandoned Cart Automation enabled them to message customers who had added their supplement product to their cart, but had not completed checkout. Over the course of 3 months this was triggered around 173 times. 25% of those who received the text completed their purchase. What does a successful Abandoned Cart automation text look like?


Via's platform enables the automation to insert the customer's name, making it easier for you to automate this tool, and making it more personal for the customer.


Including language like "...tends to sell out fast..." creates urgency.


Adding a reasonable discount helps increase conversions.


This is important. Via offers the ability to link their URL back to their shopping cart they had added, making it easier to complete checkout.

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