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eCommerce swim suit brand achieved 59x in ROAS during trial with Via

July 25, 2022

Timing + Partners

When you partner with another big brand, you want to let your customers know about it. In addition, you want your most loyal customers to know about it the soonest. With the help of Via experts, this swim wear brand did just that. In a single campaign announcing the launch of their new Arizona Iced Team themed swimwear, they had an incredible return on their investment.

What made it possible for less than 700 messages sent became $12k? Knowing your audience, timing the marketing to the right moment and on the most personal platform.


Let your VIP Text customers be the first to know about the new product drop. In their message, this brand mentioned their new product in the image and at the tail end of the text.

Added Value

There was already incredible interest in the new product, but they chose to add even more value to the customer by adding 15% off. Sweetening the deal will always bring loyalty and higher click through rates.


Always include a link for the customer to act on. It's effectively the purchase button for SMS Marketing.

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