T Shirt Brand makes $21k on their first SMS Campaign ever

July 25, 2022

Spread the Love with a Text

This brand received coaching from Via SMS experts to create an effective campaign for Valentine’s Day. They used an early access code and sent it to 2,371 customers. This was their first SMS campaign ever.

They saw immediate success, earning over $21k, 34% click thru rates, and over $9 per message sent.

Here is how they crafted their Valentine's Day message and how you can do it for your brand as well.


Including a photo of your products allows you remind your customers about you, and to keep you top of mind.


Offering their deals to their SMS subscribers before everyone else creates a higher value to be an SMS subscriber, and ensures they get first dibs on your highly sought-after products.


They used a very small window to inspire action from their highest engaged customers. Giving people "...the next 15 minutes..." pushes customers to act on the deal when as soon as they can.


Include a link to your offer for viewers to act on.

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