Women's Clothing Abandonment

Women's Clothing brand earned $143 per message sent in Abandoned Cart automations

July 25, 2022

Unbelievable Results with Abandoned Cart

This women's clothing brand is a wonderful case study on Via's Abandoned Cart Automation. They had never tried Mobile Marketing before, and decided to take a chance on Via's platform. During trial, they worked closely with their Via expert to set up their Abandoned Cart automation. During trial they earned $143 per message sent on Abandoned cart and made a total of $14K for their trial campaigns + abandoned carts. Because of their loyalty of their fans, they were able to make nearly $8,000 in automations within 30 days.

Here is how they formatted their abandoned cart text. This automation is triggered when their customers added an item to their cart, but didn't complete checkout. On a 1 hour delay, they receive this text message:


Including their name and offering them a discount code is very personalized and offers them value they feel they can act on.

Simple Action

They offer a simple url link that connects to their abandoned cart, making it easier to complete their purchase. They also modified this automation through Via to send 1 hour after trigger to avoid spamming the customer.

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