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Every fan, follower, and customer across every marketing channel is now your direct audience. This changes everything.

Inspire your customers to participate with Keywords

Text keywords to offer deals and opt in for future campaigns. Keywords will help you segment your audiences, and supercharge your remarketing efforts.

Opt-in via Check out

Easily integrate our opt in box at checkout for your Shopify store.

Mobile subscribers matter

A Consistent Audience

Build a database of customer phone numbers with opt out rates lower than 3%

Improve Customer Relationships

Delight customers by offering immediate, personalized shopping experiences

Make Informed Decisions

Enhanced marketing with analytics on your customers

Know Your Audience

Keep track of which platforms your customers come from

Start Conversations

Establish a personal connection with your customers with 2-way conversations and journeys

Get Seen

98% Open rate on texts vs
30% open rate on emails

Capture your audience today.

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