An online event

October 27, 2021

10am MST | 9am PST

Improve Traffic Quality Despite iOS 14

Tired of seeing low traffic to your website since the new iOS 14 update? Adapt your marketing to increase the quality of visitors to your store, and increase your revenue with these strategies from James.


Digital Marketer James van Elswyk

Oct 27th

10 AM


60 Minutes of Pure Gold

Alternative Traffic Acquisition with Landing Pages

Increase your website traffic quality by using a unique breed of landing pages for specific products. James will show you how to use these landing pages to get the right kind of customers to purchase.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again... and Again

Track and segment your store visitors with text campaign landing pages using Via's List Growth features. Increase your monthly revenue with personalized texts to your customers, and segment them out using Via's unique landing pages.

Ask James & Via Anything

We'll spend 15-20 minutes answering any specific questions you may have on how to increase your traffic for your store, or implementing mobile commerce strategies with your own customers.

James VE

Owner of Purple Leads

James Van Elswyk is a full-fledged marketing machine. Starting as a lone wolf media buyer, he has now built businesses in all different aspects of online advertising. Owning multiple agencies, a network, and a direct response marketing education business, James has mastered the online advertising industry `and` passionately talks about anything involving clicks from native ads, facebook, landing page design, to copy.


How do I watch the Webinar?


A Zoom link will be sent to your email, where you can tune in and ask questions on the chat!

Who will be speaking?


James VE from Purple Leads is our guest speaker. We will also have a Via representative share the advantages of SMS Marketing.

Who is this Webinar for?


Everyone is welcome to attend and tune in! But primarily this Webinar will be most beneficial for eCommerce stores who are on Shopify, Shopify+, or BigCommerce

What if I missed the Webinar?


Don't worry! We will have a recording sent to your email after the webinar for you to watch whenever you want.